Hello, we are Team Marquez.






I'm a Pacific Northwest native and lover of the sunshine. I’m a dreamer and idealist, with formal studies in construction management. I need to sweat once a day to feel normal, usually CrossFit or hot yoga; and then I bury myself in the kitchen creating healthy meals for my family. We call ourselves Team Marquez and are one of those couples who does everything together. We love to explore and adventure through the Seattle area, but always cherish a night in at our cozy home (with popcorn, of course). The rest of the time I spend thinking about real estate and how to acquire our next deal. Our goal is to retire early with passive rental income. I love creating and making, and I journal and photograph everything so I don’t forget a single detail of my awesome life.



Tim is the man in the field and a carpenter by trade. A Seattle city guy through and through, he loves the Mariner's and watching sports. He is the most addicted to working out and loves a heavy squat session. And to compliment that, he is the guy who eats all my cooking creations. He has a relaxed and laid back personality, and goes along with all my crazy ideas and adventures.