Welcome to our bathroom refresh project. Last week we completed the painting, and we could stop here because the new, fresh paint makes the bathroom so pretty. Goodbye yellow swirl paint, you will not be missed. With the white paint, all of a sudden, the tan travertine tile looks hip and timeless. The new paint is a breath of fresh air, and I am one happy bathroom camper. Thanks to the One Room Challenge for the motivation of this project. Seriously, you have to check out all the other participants for the prettiest designs.

Can you believe that this bathroom lacked a toilet paper holder and towel bar? We have been living without the essentials since we moved in last December. I guess the previous bachelor didn't need such extravagances.

The hardware goal was simple and classic, so I found sleek bars in satin nickel. Most towel bars come in 24” length, which, in my opinion, is way too short. That’s about the width to fit one and a third towels. I needed a bar that could hold two big towels, and we had the wall space. They aren’t so common, but 34” towel bars do exist in a modern style on build.com. I got the matching toilet paper holder, and was so excited to get them installed. Now every time I use the bathroom, I smile just because of those simple additions that make life better.

I found the most perfect towels in the most unlikely of places. We were over visiting my dad and I saw a Walmart bag of towels on a shelf. We bought those towels over two years ago and they hadn't been touched. But lucky for me, they were the perfect color and print, and more importantly, they were free ninety-nine. It's sure easy to make a decision when the free items are sitting right in front of you. Raise yo hand if you love a deal!

The shelf pieces are cut and I’m in the process of staining and coating them in poly. I love how the color turned out on the support pieces, but the plywood shelf is looking off. The plywood was something we had laying around, and I’m not sure of the quality, so the color is looking red and weird. I might have to buy a quality piece or go another direction for the shelf part. The shelving will also be a game changer once finished. I’m sure I’ll have a moment of “where have you been all my life?” Next week will be shelf completion week, so stayed tuned for pictures and a tutorial.

The decorative elements of the room don’t seem as important any more. The white paint and towel bar is really all I need, and I’m serious. The existing shower curtain is this light gray and teal strip, and it is looking fabulous with the white walls and gray accent wall. Even the existing gray and white floor mats look great with the scheme. I could still go the direction of my mood board with floral and jute, but what I have going on is now making me happy. If I didn’t have this currently, I might have even envisioned it for a mood board, ya know what I mean? I still want the art for my walls, so that will be fun and finish off the space perfectly. Isn't it looking great so far?