The One Room Challenge is a twice a year event that highlights design bloggers with their renovation of a room. There are twenty promoted "professional" designers, while the event is also open to hundreds of guest participants. I just discovered this wonderful idea last October, and it opened my eyes to hundreds of interior design and style blogs. After many hours of browsing, I was all heart eyes, totally in love, and knew I wanted to participate. There are so many great people participating and it is so fun watching their transformations; you should check them out!

My blog is in it's early infant stage, and my design skills are far practiced, but I am participating in this event to provide the motivation and community to create content. Right now my husband and I are renovating an entire old house while living in a studio on the back of the property. The house is being gutted down to the studs, so no room is ready for this challenge. In the studio, the only room with a closed door is the bathroom. So there it is - the bathroom is the only viable candidate for this event, and will be highlighted and transformed for the next six weeks.

This is me at 35 weeks pregnant at one of our favorite places. This picture could make it into the One Room Challenge!

This is me at 35 weeks pregnant at one of our favorite places. This picture could make it into the One Room Challenge!

And if you are new here, hi and welcome! You can read up more about Marquez Made on our about page. We also have a new 8 week old son that comes along for the ride (usually carried around on my front while I work). I chronicle the ups and downs of our Fidalgo Fixer house project and all that we learn along the way. We love working on houses, construction, and are real estate investors. And let's not forget about the CrossFit, working out, anything active, and all the healthy foods!


The bathroom in our studio is a 4' x 10' room with a shower. It is nicely tiled in a tan travertine, and while it is nothing offensive, it just needs to be better. So much potential. The previous owner tried his hand at plaster, so the walls are a thick sunny/cloudy swirl of yellow. The vanity is fine, but too dark for my taste, and the entire place lacks storage. The main goal for the ORC is to brighten the room while adding storage.


The mood board I created shows a coastal feeling space that is airy and bright with color, while being soothing and calm with the natural elements. Mixing metals? Why not, it's like mixing colors. The space will be casual and comfortable and make me smile while getting ready in the mornings.

To make the room brighter, we are going to completely paint the room a bright white. Permanent neutral colors are the only way because this studio is a future rental. Right now the tan tile just blends in with the yellow walls, so a white wall will help highlight the pretty tile. The current dark vanity will be upgraded with something gray and classic. I want modern hardware for the towel bar and toilet paper roll (there currently aren't any!). An industrial light will anchor the space above the vanity, and I'm looking at a trendy, round mirror (maybe with rope too) to hang above the vanity.

Above the toilet is a tiled ledge for bathroom storage, but I am going to create three floating shelves to go up the height of the wall. With a walnut colored stain, these will add a nice natural wood element to the room. This will be a nice DIY part of the room that I can easily create andprovide a simple tutorial.

To continue with the natural elements, I want to try a jute rug in the bathroom. It's not necessarily plush under foot, but it can hold up to the water and wear. A floral shower curtain will also bring some bright color, but I'm going to be very particular because the floral has got to be perfect - not to big, not too small, and the perfect combination of colors. It will probably take me the full five weeks just to find the perfect shower curtain.

For wall decor, I want to bring in things with a slight nautical and beach vibe. So a beachscape will be perfect. Maybe a photo of mine from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, or something from my sister who lives in Florida, as I'd prefer the dream of warm, white sandy beaches. I want to add more blue with an actual blueprint, and I'm hoping to create something with the drawings from the local construction project I am working on right now. Or a map, because I love maps! Let's not forget the towels, though I think I will only be able to pick something once all the other elements of the room are complete. Maybe something striped and nautical, or another geometric pattern, or a solid color, or just white? I'm excited to see how this comes together.

This is going to be a fun five weeks, and I'm anxious to start transforming the room and sharing it here on my blog. It's an honor to be able to participate with hundreds of other talented designers in the One Room Challenge, and I'm more excited just to read their blogs and get inspired by their transformation. Thanks for following along, and let me know what other cool blogs I should check out during this six week event.