My First Mother's Day

I am learning that there is nothing more special than being a mom. It is a unique experience that I've had the joy of experiencing for the last three months. And it's not easy. My whole life has changed for this little kiddo, and we know live on his demanding schedule. We wake up in the middle of the night to eat and calm cries. We live on a feeding schedule and plan our activities around his times. We spend extra time trying to sooth him and play with him to keep him from crying. Marley likes to be held and talked to all the time, so he requires a lot of attention.

Of course we love playing with him and interacting with him. He has just started to smile, and it makes my world to have him look at me and crack the biggest grin. Watching him develop and grow is incredible, and I still can't believe that this little boy is our gift. We have the great opportunity to raise him and nurture him to be a giving man. What a cool responsibility we have as parents, and I'm so thankful for this healthy boy.

Mother's day was a special celebration as I got to spend time at our favorite beach house, they let me sleep in, and I took a nice long bath with the kiddo, along with the gift of flowers and dinner. I love this little family and being a mom really completes my life, as I love this stage I am living right now. Happy mother's day to all the mom's out there, I understand now. It is work, but also a well deserved gift. Enjoy!

ORC 2017 Week One - The Only Room Plan

ORC 2017 Week One - The Only Room Plan

Introducing to the only room in our home with a closed door. So this space is the only viable candidate for the One Room Challenge. Follow along to see our transformation!