This means just 6 weeks until we meet our little dude. 6 weeks! That's not a very long time. The house will definitely not be finished, and we will all be living together cozily in our 540 sf studio.

Pregnancy is going great. I now have a belly that gets in the way of bending over, but I'm getting accustomed to it. Otherwise, it's not stopping me from anything. I still workout hard and stay active. I don't have any adverse symptoms. I feel the baby move so much now, but I think he loves it when I workout, because that's when he stays still. I really don't feel that different, and forget that I'm pregnant, until he kicks and moves. I know I am very fortunate so feel this great and have this much energy.

I'm now studying up on how to give birth and what to expect in the whole flurry of labor. I will be having a non medicated birth, and think that all these years of intense workouts have prepared me for such. I just can't believe that we will have a baby in our arms in just 6 weeks! Life is really going to change and I have no idea of what to expect or what it will look like, but I know that we are so excited!