1. It's sunny today! It's also cold and hardly above freezing, but I am just too enamored with the sun to care about the cold. I took a lovely walk at lunch today and had to break out the shades.

2. I got 20% off my cabinets, even after the sale ended. I just asked a customer service rep and she was able to offer me the discount. I couldn't be more happy with The RTA Store and am excited to get the aspen white shaker cabinets for our kitchen. This picture is from their website, but I hope our new kitchen looks just as good!

3. I noticed that Zillow upped the value of our home by almost $112,000, so that is is sitting at a value of about $386,000. Wow. I know it's just a number, but it's a really positive number to hope for as we work so hard on the remodel. Just an FYI, the bank appraisal came in at $329,000 for the after repair value.

4. Lunch with Tim every day is my favorite. I love that we get to work together. Not really together, since he is in the field labor, and I am in the office doing papers; but I love that he is so near and that we get a half hour to catch up.

5. Workout. I am so blessed to be almost 34 weeks pregnant and still getting stronger. My squat has definitely increased and I am feeling so good. I am enjoying our gym time and all the barbell workouts, and that I can keep it up without too much discomfort.