1. Took a long brisk morning walk. I saw a dead dear on the sidewalk, no blood or anything. But what was more eerie was the deer family around it. I just ran away, I can't look at death.

2. Got my blood drawn at urgent care and I'm up to 10,000. Yay, no treatment needed!

3. Breakfast of roasted sweet potatoes, sausage, eggs and kraut was a huge success. I feel like we are eating a nice restaurant brunch with our weekend meal.

4. Nap. Long, 1 1/2 hour nap. I guess we needed it, because all we meant to do was have a post meal cuddle.

5. Clean house and put back the porch that got destroyed from yesterday's high winds.

6. After cleaning and staging the bedroom, I took photos with my new wide lens and tripod. My first start of interior photos. I'm now trying to edit them to look better.

7. One word. CHIPOTLE.

8. All those picture frames I bought from the thrift store last weekend are not coated in a navy blue spray paint and are drying and awaiting pictures and art.

9. Popcorn, Green Bay Packers, house rehab research and work (Is it really work? I love this stuff!), and just the nightly Sunday norm for these two homebodies.

Great weekend. I want more weekends.