No work today for Tim or me, so it's a full day to work on the house. I worked on removing all the old insulation (while wearing my new respirator), and Tim did some more framing to the ceiling. We are just trying to strip it all down and clean it up for the maximum clear work space for the trades. I love working on the house projects, it is fun to have a hand in our very own house. But I also can't wait for the trades to come in and make a big dent on the progress.

We hit a little slow down with the fact of the bad foundation. We thought we could bypass the sloping floors, but then realized it is a big deal and we need to get a foundation specialist. So now we getting some different contractors out for the best analysis and bid. We were all scheduled for the plumbing and electrical, and that will have to be a little delayed now. This is all such a huge learning process, and I'm loving it all (though Tim will say that it is just stressing me out more). We are having fun together and I can't wait for our new house come spring.