Just this year. We have had too many other things going on this December, that I haven't done anything to celebrate Christmas. We bought our new house #fidalgofixer and have been temporarily living in the back studio. All of our money is spent on lumber and new tools. I bought Tim a Ridgid multitool for Christmas, but he opened the package before I could wrap it. We don't have a tree or anything, so I don't know where I was even going to put it.

The other December celebration was our baby shower and the announcement of our baby's male sex. We have gotten lots of gifts - for the baby, and it would have made for an abundant tree-scape if we had wrapped them all and placed them under the twinkling lights. I can't even find our boxes of lights and Christmas decoration. So bah humbug.

I am missing out on the fun and family, but hopefully next year we will have a warm, permanent home and a baby in our arms to celebrate with, and it will be much more exciting. I guess we are just hibernating and resting up for his arrival, and pouring all of our energy into the house.

Merry Christmas, y'all. I love this season and hope your's is full of warmth, happiness, and great company!