So yesterday's rant was about money, but not that much money. Now I am looking at costs upwards to $40,000 for foundation work on our new house. I'm fine with doing what's necessary for the house, especially the foundation; but I will a silly estimator and didn't really consider such expensive foundation costs at the beginning. Expectations versus reality.

It took us an entire day to understand the reality and to finally talk about it without emotional fits. First, I'm mad for not realizing such a huge expense before we purchased the house. Maybe we should have offered less, because you know me, I only want to purchase a good deal, and this is not looking like a good deal anymore.

I am coming around to acceptance and more positive thoughts. We still need to get other expert opinions and estimates, so maybe it won't be that expensive. I want this house to be structurally sound and last us a long time. It will be our primary home now for our new family, and a rental later down the road. So investing in the integrity of the home now is actually a priority.

The money, oh the money! We have the money for it, but do I want to spend money on a foundation or have a more luxurious maternity leave? Well, I guess the foundation will take priority now.

You know what else? Having a foundation problem means that we own a rehab house! And I have always wanted to have a rehab house project. Maybe not this extensive of a project, but I am so happy to have this project (and problem) because it means I'm finally doing something I have always wanted to do. It's perspective, y'all.