I went to work today, and am feeling better, so got lots done. But Tim didn't have to work today because it was too cold, and got sent home. This is rare weather for us - cold and clear, and so cold that it is below freezing all day, and our studio pipes have not let up yet.

So we planned on a night back at our regular apartment with heat and running water. First we went house shopping, stopping at a nice showroom to look at expensive items, then to Costco to actually buy reasonably priced items. I like Costco because they only have one option, so I don't have to make a decision, and I trust that they have good, solid brands. We got our interior lighting fixtures and some food. I'm not good at making decisions with too many options, so I like that it is limited, and I just trust Costco.

Then we spent 90 minutes at Home Depot. It's wasn't so fun for Tim, but I love walking down every aisle and looking at everything. We got a quote for quartz countertops (almost $4000!), and looked at the interior door knobs (Kwikset Halifax) I had picked online and looked at some bathroom vanity options (Tim is going to build a vanity for us!). I just love hardware stores and buying things for the home, so I'm totally in my groove and it was a great Friday night. Including Chipotle dinner.