It works out well to have a line up of doctor appointments the day after being sick, I guess. Though they weren't really concerned with my cold and sore throat, but I wasn't a very loud talker.

I started at UW Hospital for my OB appointment. It went well, but I also realized that all his hoopla about getting my platelets up would not be an issue if I just went with a non-medicated birth. They are only worried about giving me an epidural. So I think I will just study up on natural birth and plan to go that route. Anyone have any suggestions?

I had plenty of time for my favorite noon hot yoga class and it was perfection. My baby belly wasn't in the way much and I just enjoyed the heat and the post class shower.

Next appointment was with the blood doctor at the SCCA and that included labs and a doctor appointment. The platelet count was not great at 38,000, but might also be because I'm sick right now. So I have to keep taking this unpleasant medicine for another week.

Then the fun part of the Seattle day was visiting Liz and her girls. We picked them up from daycare and went to eat fish and chips (a favorite pregnancy dish for me), and then we drove through the famous Olympic Manor neighborhood and looked at all the crazy light displays. So festive!

It was a long drive back home to Anacortes, being passed by at least 15 speeding cops. I had a fun Chris Loves Julia podcast going and made it home to the studio to fall asleep in Tim's arms.