Nothing cool happened today. I slept in because I was so tired and finally realized that I am just sick - sore throat and I can't talk, or even get out of bed. So I stayed in bed while Tim went to work. Bad news though, our pipes froze last night so we don't have any water. But doesn't that new kitchen sink look so cool! It's 30" wide and about 10" deep. It's a Hahn from Costco and cost about $200 with their sale and online coupon. I'm a fan of this trendy, square style and it seems to be great quality, and will look great with our new faucet and deep counters. I get so excited about buying house stuff!

After making some food (though unable to clean the dishes), I got a little energy and we went to the gym for some warmth and water. I just did a little walking (though too harsh on my throat), the sauna and the longest shower ever. That's about what I needed and I feel much better after a day of rest.