That's a picture of my cousin Kate, sister Sharon, and cousin Leslie. This looks like circa 1987, ages five and six.

Tonight, Tim and I drove to Woodinville for a cousin get together. Getting together for dinner is not usual, though not often. This time it was more lively because we are creating a new generation of Rossman cousins (second cousins?) and the house is full of babies.

Kate and Matt have four month old Emmett, and Leslie and Nick have one month old Reece and two year old Owen. Jacob and Antoinette were not in attendance, but will have the next baby girl in January. Then Tim and I are having a baby boy in February. I love how we all still get together for family gathering and now all of these second cousins will be growing up together. The grandparents are great and loving and so social, and I am really blessed with a wonderful extended family.