Space planning is so fun for me, I love designing layouts and figuring out how to best configure a home and how people will use it. But it didn't need to keep me awake all last night. Actually, I'm not sure why I haven't been sleeping well lately. Maybe because Baby Marquez is doing full on somersaults all night, or because we ate our money's worth and more at the casino buffet last night.

But we got our mock up created and I could walk through it and get an idea of what the L shape layout would look like. I love it!

Tim and I finished a lot of the demo work today, included taking off all the wall board - which included many different materials like gypsum wall board, cement board in the bathroom, a thin wood board, and some sturdy plywood. Then we bagged up all the old insulation and now have a sparse looking house. We still need to gut the attic, but now we have a sparse looking house that exposes all the issues with the old framing. Boy, it needs help!

The whole Sunday wasn't breathing in fiberglass; we watched the football game at the Pizza Factory and ate all you can eat salad bar (I guess we love the buffets), and then worked out at the gym, before coming home to a nice beef stew dinner.