Today marks 21 week of Baby Marquez, almost 22 weeks if you go off the size. We had an ultrasound today and looked at everything to make sure baby is healthy. Baby moves around a lot; we have a very active baby with big shoulders.

I also found out that I am having a high risk pregnancy. While I feel completely normal and do all the same activities without any discomforts, a preexisting low platelet condition puts the baby at risk. I clocked in with a mere 9,000 platelets. Normal is 150,000 - 250,000. My normal is 25,000 - 35,000. 9,000 is just not enough to go around for the two of us, especially if I got a large cut or bruise or serious injury.

I feel like a completely normal human at 30,000, and I feel completely normal and fine now at 9,000. I am lucky to have extra large, sticky platelets that do their job well. Small in number, but mighty in size and strength.