It definitely feels good to be on the favorable side of the permit department. I went to turn in my paperwork at around 2:30pm, and by 4:30pm he called to tell me everything was ready to go. Yay for small town Anacortes.

I love space planning, and it's important to me that everything be correct. Once it's in place, it will be permanent and I have so much power now, in the planning stage, for how people will interact and live in the house for the long-time future. I'm going for the most simple, timeless, classic look, with ease and functionality for a family.

We are shifting the kitchen more towards the back of the house to make the dining and living room areas larger. I didn't know how to layout all the kitchen cabinets and pieces, and Tim suggested the brilliant idea of an L shape with a bar counter on the dining room side. I think I am sold! The other interesting part we are doing in the kitchen is extra deep counter tops - up to 36" deep (standard is 25"). Go ahead and have all those kitchen appliances on the counter with plenty of room to spare. The kitchen is quite big, but not big enough for an island, but we have plenty of space for more counters around the side.