We left the house early this morning to make the trip south for a day of celebrations. But first we stopped at Ikea for a particular bathroom sink I've been eyeing. It has two faucet holes and one drain. I love this idea for a trough sink and this one was only $250.

More driving until we arrived in Bremerton for a wedding for a cousin of Tim's. Huge Catholic family, so we sat through a traditional Catholic Mass and then had a reception full of cousins and kids. I met so many of Tim's family members, and was one of a dozen pregnant ladies in attendance.

More driving south until we got to our hotel in Olympia. I found HGTV channel on TV, but then fell a sleep for a one hour nap before the party.

We walked a couple blocks to the Hands On Children's Museum for the Forma company party. It was a lively event, and I was just so glad to see my co-workers. I miss them all so much, and I miss working in the office with other people. The party made me feel appreciated for my role at Forma and I am very fortunate to work for such a great company!