Today we signed the papers to close on our project house! I haven't told many people about this house because, from multiple experiences, the deal doesn't close until it closes.

To celebrate today's closing, Tim went out and bought the Ridgid power tool set that we've been eyeing for a while. Ridgid tools are solid and affordable, and come with a lifetime guarantee. But what really sold us is the lifetime battery replacement when you purchase a combo set. The tools will live forever, but it's the 18V lithium batteries that go bad, and now we never have to worry about buying new batteries. I'm a fan!

Right before we went to close, we found out that one of the sellers left the country without telling anyone. He is in Costa Rica and now has to go 3 hours to town to find a notary to sign the papers and mail them back. Now we don't even know when we are closing! Just when we thought it was a done deal, something comes out of the woodwork. I swear, it's never just a normal process. But we are so excited to close.......soon!