As much workout clothes I packed, this morning was my first time I stepped foot in the hotel gym. The Aria gym is nicer than most normal gyms, and I had a great workout. Then we went to the pool to enjoy the sunshine.

I'm loving all the relaxation, and was not prepared to wait in line for over an hour for the Aria buffet. Dang. So I ate some snacks and we walked to the Bellagio and walked around, and decided their buffet line was too long too. And Caesar's buffet was too expensive.

So we went to In N Out, but it was closed for construction. So we went to Gordon Ramsey's fish and chips and waited in line for our meal. We got fried chicken and shrimp (though I ordered the fish, and I'm still craving the fish). It was really good. We walked around some more, saw more gorgeous casinos like the Venetian and their indoor canals surrounded by shopping.

For dinner, Tim's mom picked us up and we went to the locals Green Valley Casino for their buffet. This is their casino they visit regularly. I started with desert, and then stuffed myself to the brim. So much that I had to go back to the room, lay down, watch HGTV, and pass out.