First, I can't forget to mention our awesome lunch date with Josh and his lovely wife Sam. Josh and I met went we climbed Kilimanjaro together in July 2015. Just the most friendly guy in the world, we really connected on the first day of the hike when we talked the entire day. I told him all about Tim and our relationship, and he asked the hard questions that made me really realize how much I value Tim and our genuine relationship. Josh told me all about his awesome wife Sam and how they met, and how they married and moved to Las Vegas. Josh was such a blessing to have on the trip and really made the entire trip so special for me.

So I was super happy when we had to chance to meet at the Paris restaurant Mon Ami Gabi. Not only was the steak and fries the most delicious meal I've had, Josh got to meet Tim, I got meet Sam, and we got to tell them our exciting pregnancy news!

We walked a little more of the strip (north on the east side) before coming back to our luxurious room to relax and watch a little HGTV (another luxury since we live in a TV-less home). And of course it takes me two hours to get ready (on purpose - did I mention HGTV?). And of course, I had to be early to the Caesar's Palace Colosseum. I enjoyed dressing up in a sparkly black dress that fit over the little baby bump, and we walked north, passing the Bellagio fountain music and lights display.

Celine Dion concert was just a dream come true. This was her 1008th show in Vegas, and I was so glad to finally have seen her. I've been a fan of her power voice since middle school. I had all of her CDs and played them on repeat, so it was only natural that I sung along to every song. Tim even enjoyed her great voice and fun commentary. It was such a good show, and something to cross off the bucket list. Thanks for a great night Celine, I'm still on a singing high!