Morning started with a buffet again. We filled up at the South Point buffet with Tim's mom and brother and girlfriend Anya. Then we packed up the room and loaded up the car for a road trip to California. We drove to the Mojave desert and it was nothing. It was vast and empty. We drove back to Tim's mom house for a visit and took Lincoln for a walk around the neighborhood. Then we puttered around Henderson, got some groceries and food, Chipotle lunch, and drove around before putting gas in the car and checking into the Aria.

The Aria is amazing and so beautiful! It is definitely a luxury hotel, and I really enjoyed it. It is fairly new and right in the middle of the strip. That night we walked the strip and just went south of the Aria on the west side of the strip. We walked through all the hotel casinos to the Delano. Every place is so grand and unique. The Luxor was full of Egyptian artifacts (replicas, of course), and the Excalibur was a castle theme. Monte Carlo, Mandalay Bay, and Delano were very luxe looking. New York New York was fun and lively. The total walk must have been miles. It is probably just a mile from the front of the Aria to our room at the far end.