I like exploring new towns, even though we frequent the same Whole Foods for breakfast. This morning, we tired out Las Vegas Whole Foods #2 and found the same delicious hot food bar and mammoth coffee. But this store had a nice bar where we could eat and watch sports on TV.

Then we drove through the UNLV campus, just to see what it looks like and try to get a glimpse of the baseball stadium. It's not the prettiest college campus I've ever seen, but that doesn't stop the college aged kids from attending.

On this overcast Sunday, we headed east to Hoover Dam. Tim found a great rail road hike the goes along Lake Mead before ending at the Hoover Dam. This "hike" was perfect because it was flat but long. I couldn't handle much more elevation after yesterday. The weather cleared up and we found ourselves at the busy tourist destination of the Hoover Dam. I've seen it before, and I've seen the Grand Coulee lots of times, but standing on top just reminded me how massive it really is, what a feat to build!

Back at the casino, we had a lovely buffet dinner, where we loaded up on all the good protein foods and more. I love buffets because I can choose exactly what I want to eat and have as much of the good stuff (the expensive seafoods and meats) as I desire.

We went over to the sports betting area to watch the Sunday night Packer's football game. After the win, we wanted to go bowling, but the hotel's 64 lines were booked with a half hour wait, and no movies in their full sized theater were starting for a couple hours. It's okay, we like our evening in too.