We are coming up on the completion of the Anacortes High School Rice Field project. It is so cool to be able to give something to the community that has so much meaning. From the War Memorial, to the new turf field, there is something for everyone to enjoy from this great project.

This evening we had the War Memorial dedication ceremony, and it included the unveiling of the completed memorial, speeches by local dignitaries, and a Navy fly-over at the conclusion on the National Anthem. It was so special to see how many people care about the veterans and the community. Events like today make my job satisfaction skyrocket.

Here are the top highlights of my job:

1. I get to build things that change a community. Whether it be a bathroom remodel for a park, or an entire school, it's pretty cool to give people something beautiful and more useful.

2. I learn about all aspects of the building trades. Did you want to know about the requirements of an 8" water meter, or what it takes to order and install commercial windows, or how they get electricity to a new building? I think everything is so interesting and I'm always learning.

3. Being a project manager is all about coordination and organization. Staying organized is right up my alley and I love thinking about how all the pieces fit together.

4. Seeing progress. You start with a blank slate, and slowly it changes and one day you have a finished product. It's amazing to know that we can create something beautiful out of nothing.

5. I get to meet lots of interesting people. From owners and the community, to the trades people. Everywhere I go, I get to learn from these people, and it's fascinating. And I enjoy that the job is always changing and evolving; from the location, to type of project, to the progress made daily.