Public travel is just a lesson in patience. When you are at the mercy of others, you just wait. Luckily, we have plenty of time to wait while starting vacation.

We left from Bellingham Airport, and gave ourselves more than enough time to get through the zero line luggage check in and zero line TSA screening. We've never used this airport before, and I'm a fan of the small size. But we got in the air an hour late because of a medical emergency (I think the man was escorted off the plane). We must have waited a half hour just to get off the plane because we were seated in the very back, but then we didn't have to wait for our baggage!

Then we went out to the rental car shuttle, and the line was crazy long. It was 11pm and we waited 30 minutes just to catch a shuttle to the rental car area. The line to get the car was moderate and we immediately left the facility to traffic free streets to get to our hotel. Just a little line to check in to our hotel, and we finally passed out at 12:30am.