My journaling career dates back to 1993, when I was in fourth grade and on vacation with my mom and sister in the San Juan Islands. While waiting for the ferry ride home, we were browsing through a near by gift shop, and I saw the most beautiful, fake leather, burgundy journal with detailed gold lines on the front. I had to have it. And to get it, I promised my mom that I would write in it every day; and so I did.

The first journal entries were dry and boring, and just a list of the activities of my day. Actually, they continued this way until middle school filled with boys and friends and mixed emotions. I continued to write off and on through high school, and in college, I found myself only writing during the sad, lonely times. Like my journal was my friend during those moments. I loved writing in college, unless I was too busy. After college, I started a fun little blog (remember blogspot?) and wrote about fun events of my life with silly pictures. I later started a fitness blog at the time when working out was my only activity, and my strict diet limited me to an online, calorie free social life.

I love reading blogs. Like it's a hobby. Regular people's personal stories, with food, photography, working out, home decor, and real estate are so interesting to follow. I love looking at beautiful photos and the perfect household story that they portray.

Now I have a blog, and this one is the most professional thing I've ever curated. I paid to own the domain of my namesake, registered with Squarespace for the hosting and beautiful template, and now I have a gorgeous home for my writings and photos. But what exactly is this landing pad for?

Just like my elementary journal days, this blog is starting as a daily journal and a recording of the for which I am most thankful. I'd love for this blog to turn into a "professional" home, diy, and real estate blog. I read those other blogs, and I want to be like them and have those home remodel experiences and show-and-tells. I just new to documents some project and have a real home to play with.

For now, I will continue with my daily journal and practice my writing and photography skills. My this blog will evolve as I learn and experience new things and have more to share. Thanks for being my landing pad for all my random, daily thoughts.