I love libraries, books, and the written word, so I can't believe I've been so long without my local library card. Back in my elementary school days, I lived at the library. My parents would drop me off after school, and pick me up hours later. I hung out at the big oak tables in the children's section, occasionally wandering to the light fill adult ready area full of magazines, picking up house decor and parenting magazines - pretending to be all adult like. Our library was a beautiful old masterpiece too, I just loved being in the building surrounded by all that history and all those books.

Our new library is small, but just as wonderful. As soon as I got my library card, I ran into the aisles to browse all the titles. Everything fascinates me, I want to read it all and learn it all. I left with only three books, Tim got two, but we went to bed snuggling and reading together. Is it just me, or is this just the most romantic way to fall asleep with your loved one? We continued to fall asleep cuddling, just with the lights off and no books in hand.

What are you reading these days? I'd love some recommendations!