Marriage makes you a homebody. And I like that. But just seven months married, we are now in our third apartment, with hopes to move again soon. We've also had the privileged to house sit for a month and a half at two different luxury homes. If this has taught me anything, it's that family and home are important.

When I was single, I was never home and I never even decorated my home. Heck, I didn't even have living or dining room furniture. I was always out and busy. Now that I'm married, I like to hang out with Tim at home. This is our place to create our lives together, and I want it to be comfortable and inviting and to reflect us.

As soon as we moved into this pad at the end of August, I started hanging things on the walls and kind of decorating. As much as I love interior design, I don't have much practical application yet. But I got out some more furniture to finish the spaces, I made a gallery wall of photos in the dining room, and even bought this weird art of a splotchy, blue bull tonight at TJ Marshalls. Home is becoming more cozy; and now that it gets dark at 5pm, I'm glad we have this home to be a happy married couple together.

More pictures of our house sitting fauxcation weekend below. #housegoals