What's not to love about waking up beach side at your friend's nicest home? We are so lucky to have great connections in this town, and I'm really loving what Anacortes has to offer. This morning we went to Christ the King Church, and it was really good. I enjoyed the music - it was familiar songs, and the message was relevant and informative. The people were really nice, and we already know a lot of people who go there, including our future next door neighbor.

I love Sundays with Tim. It was nice to be at our friend's house, watching football all morning, and hanging out with the dog. And even though we started the day off in Anacortes, we ended with some of our usual: Costco for meat and veggies, outdoor workout, big dinner and food prep, andour regular goat setting and week planning. We have so much to look forward to in the next month!

I used my Sony A6000 camera a lot this weekend around the house, and it takes beautiful pictures. When I compare them with my phone photos, it doesn't even compare. I'm loving this wide angle lens and everything comes out so crisp and beautiful. With the start of just taking pictures, I'm now working on some editing software. I'm totally lost on the whole photo editing process and logistics. Photography is something I've always been interested in, but never pursued it seriously. I love my camera and hope to use it more for all the great events in my life.