We take our job literally. I think we sat in these comfy couches for most of the day - protecting our friend's home and keeping the yellow lab company, and doing our best house sitting job possible. It's pretty easy when it's a perfectly comfortable, spacious, beautiful home with all the amenities.

We cooked a delicious breakfast and watched TV in the morning, before finally getting ready for a workout at the Anacortes High School Rice Field. This is my work place, I take a walk around the track every day and check out the progress, but today's visit was for fun. But once we started moving, we both realized how sore our bodies were actually feeling. We struggled through a little WOD and then completed 16 100y sprints / runs / jogs. The field started to get busy with soccer player girls warming up for their game, but we struggled and we finished. At least we finished.

We walked around, but the weather was uncomfortably windy. So then we just drove around though the neighborhood before heading home, back to our couch position. We watched HGTV and the UW football game. Tim cooked a delicious dinner and I feel like the luckiest girl.