This pregnancy has been going great, and I don't take that for granted. I'm aware that everyone has different experiences. I'm starting to feel this baby bump now, and it makes yoga uncomfortable in some positions. Sprinting has slowed down and the extra weight is evident during workouts. But I keep trucking along because working out is just a part of who I am and makes me feel good on the daily. I hope the baby likes it too. I have just about outgrown the last of my big jeans (the ones I have been wearing every single day for 3 weeks straight), and soon it will be a rubber band closure or just leggings.

At the beginning, I had one week of nausea morning sickness, followed by one week of craving (mostly salt and vinegar potato chips). I haven't had any other major cravings, and don't fall into pints of ice cream, and eat baby bill pickles in the same capacity as before. I choose my healthy paleo meals today, like every day before, because it's what makes me feel the best.

I felt more moody during the beginning, probably along with the week of morning sickness, but I think I'm all normal spirits now. Tim would put me in the category of moody though. I feel great, sleep well, and don't feel any different. I am very thankful for this healthy experience. I can't believe that we will have a baby in about 2 months, I'm so excited!