It was a great day today, here's why:

1. Work was busy with meetings, and I like it when more people are around the trailer office.

2. I stopped by Schuh Farms on the way home from work and bought 25# of fresh vegetables for just $7. The farm is so cute with all the pumpkins and autumn displays. I love that is right on my drive to and from work.

3. When I got home, Tim had spaghetti squash and meat sauce ready. I was so hungry and this is my favorite meal.

4. My dad stopped by, I served him up some dinner, and we caught up for about an hour. It's nice to have my dad close by and I love being able to talk to him regularly.

5. We went to the post office to pick up our mail, and I got a package with a book I won from a little instagram sweepstake from the Beginning in the Middle home rehab blog. Super cool to get a little gift in the mail, and it's not every day that you win something!