I'm a morning person. No doubt about it, I like to rise early to get things done. Ever since I was little, the sooner I woke up, the more time I had to read. As a collegiate rower, early morning were the norm, and I know my most productive hours are in the am.

Besides quiet hours and sunsets, other great things about mornings are the traditional breakfast foods. On the weekend, Tim and I go all out on brunch. Usually sausage and eggs and sweet potatoes, this weekend we went a different route with french toast and bacon. 

It all started with a loaf of gluten free brioche bread from 5 B's Bakery. As soon as we tried a bite, we knew it had to be french toast. Then we went to the market for eggs and bacon. The reason for bacon is because I saw an article claiming how delicious sous vide bacon is, so we had to give it a try. We bought a package, and just dunked the whole thing in the water at 146 over night. We also bought Twin Brook egg nog and used that in our french toast mixture.

The next morning it was breakfast right away. The bacon already smelled delicious opening the juicy package. Make sure to get high quality, thick cut bacon, because our fat pieces just fell apart before frying. We fried it up for less than two minutes, and it was delicious. I'm not sure if I can actually let the difference with the sous vide, but it was easy to cook. But not as easy as getting bacon for Whole Foods. The best food deal on the planet exists at the Whole Food hot food bar before 10am. Just load up on precooked bacon at $8.99 a pound, and save yourself from the grease splatters.

The french toast was absolutely amazing! Warm and gooey, and the brioche bread was the best! Guilt free and gluten free. I could taste a hint of cinnamon egg nog for a perfect flavor.

This morning I had the leftover two pieces of french toast with bacon sandwiched in between. It sure makes waking up early worth it.