It's not hard to figure out that Tim and I live a healthy lifestyle. Heck, we met at the CrossFit gym. Daily exercise, activity, and clean eating are a routine part of our lives, and we believe that good health is the basis of living a productive, happy life.

And it's not hard to motivate us to workout. It's like brushing our teeth - a daily routine. Today we went to the gorgeous Riverside Health Club for a long morning workout. We aren't gym regulars right now, we have been doing our own hill intervals, sprints, and track workouts. The gym was a great alternative and I made full use of everything they have to offer.

I started upstairs with some cardio. My favorite is the stepmill, though I only lasted for 10:00. Then I went to the intense incline treadmill and did a 20:00 training that had me at 30% for a long, sweaty time.

Next, I joined Tim in the weight room for an emom. As you know, emoms are my favorite was to lift. I did a snatch and overhead squat combo, then push press, then deadlifts (that felt way heavier than 135#).

My cool down was the pool area. First, the hot tub for ten minutes. Then a cool off in the saline pool where I just lay flat on my back and zone out. Then it the stuffy steam room where I suffer while trying to breath in the heavy air. The last relief is the dry sauna to finish. It is a perfect spa treatment (in a non spa like atmosphere). I can't complain.

I left the gym feeling so good, so happy, and so ready for the day. Working out puts me in my place - my place of peace and happiness. When the rewards feel that great, it's not hard to get myself to suffer for a quick while. It's helps that my partner is on board too, and that we enjoy the experience together.

Oh, and I've been posting to my Instagram stories every time I workout. Though very simple, I share a picture of my feet and a description of the workout. Check it out if you need a little encouragement too.