I like our lazy, no plan Saturdays, but today we needed a little getaway. Tim decided that we were heading north to Birch Bay. We took the long way, no freeways. It included the famous Chuckanut Drive, meandering through Bellingham and the Western Washington University Campus, and then through some weird routes to Birch Bay State Park.

It was suppose to rain with 100% precipitation today, but for our walk around the park and the surrounding neighborhood it was perfectly dry. Then we drove west to Lynden, because it's suppose to be a cute little farm town. We found everyone at the high school arts and crafts fair, and then drove in the downpour through the cutest, dutch downtown on our way back south.

In Bellingham, we stopped at Lowes for a stain for the stool, and then made it back home. It was a lot of driving, but fun to see new things in our rural area.