I feel slightly pathetic when going to the gym makes the highlight of my day. There just isn't a slew of cool of activities on a work day. This afternoon, Tim and I stopped by a new gym just to try it out. They are cheaper and have month to month contracts. I had a great workout and did a 10:00 squat emom, 10:00 push jerk emom, 10:00 deadlift emom, and 10:00 lat pull down emom. As you can tell, I really enjoy my emom workouts. EMOM = every minute on the minute. You pull out your stopwatch and let the time go, start every minute with your 5 squats, for 10:00. It's like structured intervals for your weigh lifting. And I need structure for motivation, so this is great. While I got a fantastic workout and will be very sore, I just didn't like the vibe of the gym. I always like a good deal, I'd pay more to workout in a nicer facility. Sorry, this one is a no go.

So we workout, and then we eat. Tonight we cooked up a medley of foods to have our own burrito bowls. Beans, rice, steak, chicken, salsa, and lettuce - it was so delicious and filled my belly. We are not eating out to save our money for Vegas, but this was a nice treat to substitute my favorite Chipotle or Whole Foods burrito bowls.

This picture is of my work project. This has been done for some time now. There is not a lot of activity onsite right now, just closeout paperwork.