I can't ever remember November being my favorite month around these gray parts. It's already pitch dark at 6:30, and will only get worse after daylight savings. But what I'm working on is my attitude. Gray is beautiful and cozy. Here are some great things about the first day of November.

1. We did a workout at the school field, and we didn't get wet. Later that night it got stormy, but we were safe.

2. We have a lot to look forward to this month. We are planning the details for Vegas, and it will include a little road trip to the canyons and national parks of Utah.

3. Today we had two great meetings at the project house, with two different contractors that will be great to have on our team. Having good people is the backbone to a good project, and definitely qualms my fears about the complexity of this project we are about to tackle.

4. We close on the house at the end of the month, so that means I still have an entire month to dial down the scope and prepare for this project. I'm all about adequate preparation.

5. I got all my old files shredded. I was all done but two old check books, and the machine overheated and shut down. Why does it feel so productive to shred things?!?

I didn't even mention work, where that picture was taken. Work has slowed down a bit, and I am thankful for this season of the job.