Top Five Fun Things Today:

1. We had a call with a casting direction of a major television show today. Am I allowed to announce such things? Anyway, we aren't very far along, but it's a fun idea.

2. For what it's worth, Zillow says my house value $247,000 today. I bought it for $182,500 just a year ago. I'll take that equity!

3. So that led me to call BECU and I applied for a HELOC. I couldn't have been more happy with the process - it's super easy to get a HELOC loan, and I'm loving the rates these days.

4. So much Tim time this evening. We did our hill runs in our new favorite neighborhood, and it consisted of 10 intervals of medium length. I was pretty sore from yesterday's track sprints, but I'm still capable of moving this bloating body.

5. Sometime dinner is just food, but tonight it was delicious! I butterflied thick chicken breasts, marinated them in dried mushroom powder, chili powder, salt, and olive oil. Then cooked them on the highest heat broil in the oven for not more than 12 minutes. Tim cooked up some red quinoa, and I contributed some boiled carrots in a lemon pepper dressing. Dinner was easy, healthy, and so delicious. Oh, and speaking of food, post workout was the most delicious frozen banana, pumpkin, milk, and cinnamon smoothie. Perfect for Halloween. And no, we didn't get any tricking treaters at our apartment door.