1. This is a yesterday moment that I forgot to mention, but it's a big one. I HAVE A LIVE WEBSITE AND BLOG! I've been wanting this for a long time now. Remember blogspot, I had a couple of those in the past, but this is a website I am proud of. I love the design and how easy it was to make with SquareSpace. Now I have a place to house my thoughts and share my ideas and pictures, and it's so pretty and modern and me. I am proud of myself for completing this long time dream.

2. I went to CrossFit this afternoon, and almost left when I saw the WOD posted on the board. So then I convinced myself that I would just do half of everything. But during the thick of it, I was motivated (and missed the 800m run mark) and completed the entire workout in 39:23. The workout was 30 squat clean and jerks at 55#, 1 mile run, 30 T2B (instead of 10 rope climbs), 1 mile run, and 100 burpees. I'm proud of myself for completing the entire workout.

3. I'm not sure if this is a proud moment or not, but I hate commercial protein powders because they taste chemically. But tonight, I polished off an entire shake of Tim's peanut butter chocolate mixed with raw whole milk. Delicious!

4. Today was also a big day regarding a potential house we are in the process of buying. See the picture? Anyway, it is not complete and we will have to do a lot of construction before moving in. I had a positive meeting / inspection with a general contractor today, and it got me even more excited for this project. There are still some more things to figure out, but it's looking good!

5. I'm proud of myself for being able to pull off a construction rehab project like this. Nothing much has happened yet, but I have the confidence. This makes me realize that I have the skills and that I am more than qualified and capable of such a project. We might even have convinced a future investor.