I don't get to Seattle during the weekdays anymore, but for an afternoon doctor appointment, we made the trip. Luckily Tim didn't have to work today, so we went together to do some of our favorite Seattle activities too. Sorry, the doctor appointment does not make the list of favorites.

I went to Modo hot yoga, my absolute most favorite studio. This place has the best radiant heat, the sweetest staff, and the nicest showers and locker room. They are a great community and probably one of the biggest things I miss living in Skagit. My body needs the warmth and the stretching come this time of year, and today's class was absolute perfection.

Then it was taco time! I know everyone loves tacos, but El Camion is the best. I mean, look at those gigantic fish tacos. They are made with a steamed white fish, perfect tortillas, with a nice creamy sauce. And El Camion has the best avocado green salsa. The meal was perfect and kept me full for a long time. It's odd that I haven't found a good taco place in Skagit yet, El Camion just has my taco heart.

We wandered around the top of Queen Anne hill because that's a fun little walkable neighborhood with a Trader Joe's. Anyone need snacks? Because we bought them all!

On the way home, we stopped at the batting cages! The batting cages are so much fun. I love watching Tim swing away like a stud, but I also enjoy a few slow pitches. At least I hit one ball, the last ball out of the machine. I need to practice, that's for sure.

Oh yes, I went to the doctor in there too. It was uneventful and a long two hours of waiting for something that could be accomplished in a more efficient manner. Oh well.

And I am really appreciative that I can work from home. Tim and I went to Starbucks in the morning where I did all my emailing, and then continued to work at home until we needed to leave. Thanks you, employeer.