The calm, peaceful morning have always called to me. I can accomplish so much before the rest of the world awakes. I love the morning.

On work days, my morning routine is nothing special. I wake up around 6am, and luckily my internal clock goes off just minutes before. Then I flush, brush, contacts, dress, and a dab of makeup. Hopefully my lunch is ready to go, and then I'm out the door for an easy 30 minute commute to work, usually listening to a podcast. I'm in the office trailer by 7am.

I like Tim's work morning routine. He get's up even earlier than me. He drive to the grocery store a mile away to get a coffee. Then he comes back and cleans the kitchen from the night before and unloads the dishwasher. He also folds all the clothes from the dryer. Then he gives me sweet kisses before he leaves the house. What a dream husband.

My ideal morning routine would start with hot yoga. I love to roll out of bed into some spandex and make it to the hot room. My body awakens with the warmth and movement. Then a long shower and great breakfast while I journal and read. I don't do coffee, unless a decaf bulletproof coffee is available. I would also love to start my day off with a walk, and a walk to work is nice too. I like my quiet time and the quiet mornings. I especially like cuddling with Tim in the morning, that's my favorite. What's your favorite morning routine?