1. I'm thankful that I have a job that allows me to go on a walk for my lunch break, and when I'm really starving and didn't bring enough snacks, that I have the freedom to run down to the grocery store for a bag of popcorn.

2. Today my best friend Kate found an awesome Orbit baby stroller / car seat / bassinet / 3 bases on her local buy and sell page. All going for $300, when originally bought for over $2000 for all the pieces. I hopped on the deal and picked them up at after work. This is my first baby purchase, and it is starting to feel real.

3. I had a subcontractor walk at the project house, and all three subs showed up. I'm not sure if residential runs the same way as commercial, but we got it done and I hope the return with good bids. I also saw lots of other things that will need work. Isn't that why it's called the project house?

4. I met the neighbor at the project house and she is just great! I've heard about them from many different people and I'm excited to have good neighbors.

5. So much cuddle time tonight with Tim. We didn't cook all evening, we didn't go to the gym, we just cuddle and talked all evening. It is nice just to have that dedicated time to each other.