There is something comforting about home and routine. It is just so soothing to wake up in the same beautiful place next to the same handsome guy. Then it's coffee, workout, and cook up some brunch. I like our routine and the maintenance of our beautiful life. I am very thankful for consistency, because what I've got is pretty awesome.

But the new things are what make my heart sing with excitement. The new experience, new learning, the explorations, or anything out of the routine. And if I get to do this new thing with my boo, then it's perfect! Here is a peak at my Sunday routine, plus something new (but not that grand, just new).

1. Weekend kitchen time and cooking. I am just in the zone when I'm working with food. I make more than nourishing meals, I make magic. It's my happy place, it makes me joyful, and I can get lost in a kitchen time warp. Today I made the usual sausage, egg, and sweet potato brunch, and then cooked up a bunch of chicken and veggies for the week.

2. While we were out doing errands, Tim drove the long way. Up a hill. To a nice neighborhood. One that you can see from the freeway, but have no idea how to get there. Do you ever see a place from the distance and just wonder what's there? We found these awesome views, awesome houses, and that's the new type of experience we like to see.

3. Then we went to Fred Meyer. We always go to Fred Meyer, nothing new here, except Tim parked on the opposite end, a new entrance for me. Not mind blowing, just a nod to the fact that I'm not parking and entering at the same spot every time. And this entrance has the prettiest fall blooms! Look at me, taking delight in the small things.

4. It was getting late (like dinner time) and we still hadn't done a workout. What to do, what to do? I know, hill sprints! We do hill sprints a lot (or used to), but in this new area we don't have a regular spot. So we drove until we found the steepest hill deep in the neighborhood. We did 10 sprints and I died. I'm out of shape. It was fun to do the same effective workout, but in a new location.

5. I got pictures printed for my gallery wall, and it looks awesome! It was a fun project, and I might be nesting, but I want to do more home projects. I'll post pictures of the gallery wall soon.