I'm not trying to put anything too permanent or expensive in our temporary apartment, but this little project was cheap and easy. Frame galleries are nothing new, but this was was a total DIY effort. I went to the thrift store and bought $9.60 of used frames. Then I found a can of blue glossy spray paint in the garage went to town on the frames. I cleaned up the glass, cut up some old seersucker trousers for the frame filler, and now I have an impressive gallery wall in our dining room.

Frames. Look for interesting frames, and get a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and styles. Pay attention to the back of the frames. Many of the ones I got were not easy to pull apart, and I would recommend ones where the glass can be easily removed.

After cleaning the frames, I spray painted the frames with a couple of coats of glossy dark blue. This monochromatic scheme looks great creating a cohesive frame gallery with random frames. I painted straight on the tarp, but should have used some shoes to lift the frames up off the table. I decided to keep the one big Aarons Brothers frame white - just too nice to spray paint. I also painted some dried maple branches.

Cloth filler was a seersucker pair of JCrew trousers in the donation bin. The wide legs provided enough cloth to fill the frames. I like the way it looks, and is a nice place holder while I get photos printed. Maybe I will keep on cloth.

Hanging the photos was easy because I was going for a random array. I laid them out beforehand to get the general idea, but the random frames did not need to be placed perfectly, so they were easy to hang.

This cheap project makes a huge different on the 12' dining room wall. Even the branches add a nice element of texture and nature.