On Fidalgo Island in Skagit County (you can easily drive to this big island), is the beautiful little town of Anacortes. And I have fallen in love. It's a vibrant town full of families, retirees, and artists. It has a thriving downtown, cute little stores, and lots of faithful locals. We have been warmly welcomed to this town, even though we officially live 20 miles away. We have created great connections and had the opportunity to house sit at two amazing residences, and we want to make Anacortes our home while I work the next phase of the high school project.

Even though we have only been working in Anacortes for less than 6 months, we see people we know everywhere we go. It's a comforting feeling being new in the area. It also helps that I feel like a local celebrity being in town to build the new gem of a high school. And Coach Tim is the connector meeting hundreds of people that walk through the doors of the CrossFit gym.

Today at lunch we browsed around the local building supply store Frontier. CrossFit member Vinny works there, and we ran in to him and started talking. He was able to give us contractor recommendations of great local people, and then to find out that he knows the the sellers of this project house. He was able to tell us their story and lets us know that he sees them at his store almost every day. Small time, right? And did I tell you how two separate families have told us how great the new neighbors are? I'm excited to settle in Anacortes. It's a beautiful town and I'm loving the small town feel.

Growing up, Tim had that small town feel in Ballard (a larger neighborhood of Seattle). He and the neighbor kids would just walk into each others homes and help themselves to the refrigerator Tim knows someone everywhere we go in Ballard. I never had that community, and I crave that in the place where we buy a home. We are ready, Anacortes!