Moving day is never the prettiest day, and I didn't photo-journal the occasion either. We just decided yesterday that we were going to move everything to our new house. Let it be know, that the house portion is not finished yet, so we are moving into the 540 SF studio and the garage. But we are excited to get all our stuff together and get to Anacortes.

When I say WE moved, I mean TIM moved us. He carried everything, at least everything with some weight, including the couch and bed all by himself. Moving day is so easy when you've got a guy like him. I like to go slowly and process all my stuff and carefully place in boxes. Or give away. Or throw away. The latter two I need to do more of.

Tim had the 15' U-Haul truck filled in about 1.5 hours, and it looked perfect. He is seriously the master of this moving thing. At our home, we unloaded in the snow and filled up our studio and garage. With the van, we went to our friend's house to pick up her squat rack and weigh equipment. We are so excited to have a home gym as it has been a dream of ours, and more. The whole plan is in the works and we are excited to share the final product come late spring.

It's December 31 and we are exhausted and just want something to eat. But apparently everyone else wants a celebratory dinner. We waited a little while at the Greek restaurant and then had the more delicious, filling meal.

I organized the kitchen for a while, and neither of us made it to midnight. Just another day for the busy Marquezes. We accomplished a lot today, so we slept well and thanked the one above for the best year yet. Sweet beginning to another amazing year.