Here are a few things I'm looking forward to:

1. My sister's upcoming wedding in spring 2018 and that I get to look at pretty local venues for her. This picture was taken at a rustic farm property I visited yesterday.

2. A baby shower for Baby Marquez and the gender reveal in December. I'm super excited for this shin dig and to tell everyone the sex of our baby!

3. This weekend with Tim! No plan, just my favorite.

I have also been intrigued on the idea of how to learn. You see, I really struggle with learning. As I mentioned yesterday, I have this floating brain that doesn't attach on to anything and I struggle with focus. Along those same lines is my inability to learn. If you can't focus, you never learn.

As a young child I really enjoyed school and I excelled. I liked the satisfaction of being good at school and getting 100%s made me feel good. In middle school, I took the standardized tests and scored in the 99th percentile in almost every subject except reading comprehension. If there were an audible comprehension portion I would have failed even worse at that. I just don't comprehend things. Comprehension + retention = learning.

Well, in high school, I soon realized that I can't retain anything either. I would study for hours, just to memorize things long enough to take the test. Right after, I would forget. I went to all my classes and did all my homework, and rewrote my notes to help me memorize. On the outside, I was a great student. On the inside, I couldn't remember anything. I used to joke - was it really learning if you forgot it all? And then I realized that there were kids who sat through class, half payed attention, never studied, and then aced the tests. I realized that I had a problem.

College got even more frustrating for me. I left a lecture hall feeling dumber than when I arrived. I wrote down every word the teacher said in hopes of reviewing it later to memorize. Writing helped me retain, but it only got me a 3.0 in college. Very unlike my nearly 4.0 in high school. School was just not for me.

No one ever teaches you how to learn, and using my brain isn't just a natural thing. I need an instruction manual. I've been really intrigued about this concept and the online courses that teach you how to speed read and memorize and comprehend. Jonathan Levi has a whole course on becoming a super learning, along with his podcasts of becoming a super human.

I imagine that it's going to be hard for me to retrain my brain on how to learn. To not allow myself to be bothered by distractions, and to make myself focus and concentrate on the task. Right now I am resisting the urge to get up to check the food on the stove (it's on low, it will be fine), and I look up and see the pretty pink sky and I have an urge to run out and take pictures. But I will finish this journal entry because I have to practice being focused. My phone is in the other room. Must get it. No. I must finished writing. What the heck, I like writing and contributing to my blog. Quit the itch. Enjoy this moment. Be present and pay attention.

Anyway, I am on the quest to learn how to learn. I think it will excel me in all aspects of life, especially work, and especially on all these dreams and hobbies I want to learn. When I actually concentrate and learn, I feel productive and accomplished and I feel like my time was well spent. I want to learn, I want to be smart and broaden my knowledge. I want to remember details and be able to recall events and items. Focus, concentration, learning, and retention. Focus is my focus and I am going to take the steps to be a better learner.