I am so thankful for the weekends and being able to spend so much time with Tim.

1. Today was gorgeous and sunny, unlike yesterday's blustery day. I'm thankful for the hour long afternoon walk in full sunshine. Today's podcast listening was The Art of Charm interview with Jenny Blake about her book Pivot.

2. More naps today. I think falling asleep in Tim's arms is just the perfect way that puts me to slumber.

3. Chipotle. Have I expressed how much I love the quick service restaurant that serves healthy food? It's fast, easy, cheap, and so delicious, and we get free soda water with lemon. What's not to love? I also love the trendy, minimalist decor, cool music, nice restrooms, super nice employees, and chipotle tasbasco sauce, all while being able to eat outside on the patio. Oh, and were you a part of the summer Chiptopia program? We had our last free burrito bowl today. Win, win, win, win.

4. I was so full after lunch that I had to lay down in bed to digest. I was telling Tim that I couldn't tell the difference if the baby is moving or if it is just my food digesting. I should be able to feel quickenings at 20 weeks here. So I asked Tim what kicking felt like. Immediately, he started swiping his foot at my leg, showing me exactly what it felt like to be kicked. Cue in the hearty laugh that only comes from Tim's silly antics.

5. I'm thankful for our little apartment and the great family discount we get. Thanks dad (as I hand over the measly rent check)!