I have this love affair with home renovation blogs. I love houses and people's story of transformation. I just love reading blogs, so add that with some with some construction and design, pretty pictures of style and family, I'm in!

Here are some of my favorites of lately:

1. Young House Love. The original blog for me, I've been a fan for a long time and I love how frugal Sherri and John do their renovations. They are transparent about price and are always trying to save a buck or two and do it themselves. Have you listened to their new podcast!?! I love Sherri's laugh!

2. Then I found Beginning in the Middle. I love this couple because they are real estate investors, so they have to work on a budget. And I love that they share the details of the costs of materials and tools. While they are stylish, they are more about the function, budget, and resale (or rent) value. The husband Bryan is also a construction management major, and I really like their real estate investor slant.

3. Chris Loves Julia is the most stylish home I've ever seen. Swoon over all the colors and textures and design choices. Everything seems rich and extravagant, but it's just their humble suburban home. But I wonder how much everything costs, and it's not something they share often, but it is beautiful!

4. Today I just found Yellow Brick Home and these people have really transformed their 120 year old house. It is amazing. I like their pure and minimal style. I am still diving into this blog, bye bye to the next couple of hours. What I love most about this blog is their photography. It's not just pictures, but artistic pictures of drywall and dogs, and great tutorials. I think this one is now on the top of the list and many things are book marked (like that dining room table).

That being said, I think I love these blogs so much because I want to have such a blog that documents my renovations. Ok. I don't have a home yet, but that's the goal and I want to document the entire process. Maybe it's just me, but I would love to stay at home with my babies and renovate houses. See that picture? What would you do in that sunny space?