Mondays aren't anything special around these parts. Since my work project is officially in the hands of the client, work felt calm today. But don't think I'm a slacker, I still have plenty of closeout work to do.

Another hot ticket item is getting everything together for our next big project. Do I need to clarify? This is a personal, home project that Tim and I are in the process of acquiring, though it is like a full time job. This is super exciting and I will explain more soon.

Tim really like coffee. LOVES coffee, and always seems to be on the hunt for the caffeine. Well, he is starting to ween off it, so that one morning cup is enough, and any additional is a nice jolt. Maybe I'm not helping with his goals, but I bought him a half gallon of cold brew today. His favorite is the stuff from Cash & Carry. It's just some wholesale brand, but it's super rich and nutty, and great price too!

Tonight we went to the local gym in town, and I actually like it. My fitness has slowed down a lot, so it is nice to move at my own pace - do some stair stepper machine before hitting some light weights. And this gym is so pretty. They just did a remodel, and modern farmhouse look definitely got in the mix. I took a selfie in the locker room just because it looks so pretty! And look at the bloated tummy! There is a babe in there, so no, I'm not just weirdly fat after a big meal.